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Meet the Guides

Working side by side for a combined 90 years of professional whitewater guiding, our entire river careers have been with Zoller’s Outdoor Odysseys. We’ve watched each other’s children grow up, then become guides along side of us, and even marry each other. We constantly challenge ourselves and each other to be great historians, naturalists, culinary magicians, and gracious hosts. Each and every one of us exceeds all state or federal training and safety regulation.

More than just a cohesive fun loving team, we are a family of river guides. Welcome to our family!

Mark Zoller
Mark Zoller: It's been over 30 years since my father, Phil (Snake River Guide in the 70s) took me for my first Hell's Canyon adventure. Much has changed in four decades. The river clothing has become high tech, the cooking gear sophisticated and versatile, the beds soft, the rafts sporty, and I've grown facial hair. What remains the same is the unspoiled beauty of the deepest gorge in North America and the way a single visit can imprint a memory of a life time. Dad proved to me long ago that it's never to late or early to make a life memory. Memories are priceless... lets make some together.
Marq Box
Marq Box: Being the Sr. (oldest) member of the river team and a life long adventurer (even climbed Mt. McKinley) I appreciate a great wilderness experience, with all the extra little luxuries such as thick sleeping pads, comfy chairs, deluxe dinners and ice cold fruit smoothies. There are a lot of customers who are just like me... ready for some fun in the wilderness, with a little bit of luxury. Come take it easy with me!
Zach Zoller
Zach Zoller: Just prior to my fourth birthday, dad (Mark Zoller) took me for my first whitewater trip on the White Salmon River in Washington. Mid-ways through the trip dad dumped almost everyone out of the raft in a rapid called stair-step creating my first ever whitewater swim (dad always trained us early in life). The amazing thing was not that I thought going for the swim was so cool, but that dad and I kept it a secret from mom for almost 10 years. During the summer of 2006 I became the youngest licensed class IV river guide in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Often, I get asked if I'm the heir apparent to the family business. Nah, dad sent me away to Hawaii to get my bachelor's in cinematography so I can direct and produce movies. Watch out George Lucas.
Derek Roy
Derek Roy: Derek is heading into his 4th professional season of guiding after an amazing 2009 rookie year. During the winter Derek (sort of) attends college but truly chases the dream of getting paid to extreme ski. Derek’s enthusiasm is contagious and if you get lucky enough to have him as your guide, you will see that he treats life like a kid in a candy shop with dad’s Visa card. Hey Derek… you dad called and wants his visa card back!
Fred Roy
Fred Roy: So goes the son, so goes the father? Seems a little backwards, but that is what happened when Fred retired from UPS. He joined his son Derek as a guide in Hells Canyon. It was not a tough transition for Fred as his outdoor acumen is as long as a winter night. Fred is the resident fishing guru for our guests that want to catch a little something for the very first time.
Shane Wood
Shane Wood: After giving Zoller's a helping hand here and there over the years we finally got this 17 year pro of the White Salmon River to move to BZ Corner and become a permanent team member. Shane managed the White Salmon River operations of another quality river company that we have worked with for years and we are excited to have Shane living in our community. Shane is known for his ability to get ejected at Husum Falls, which makes us all thankful that "Wood" floats.
Ryan Web
Ryan Web: After 11 years of professional guiding and managing a neighboring rafting company, Ryan joined the Zoller's rafting team in the summer of 2008. Ryan has a very short commute being our next-door neighbor with his wife Charlotta and their extra smiling son Lucien. In Ryan's first full season with Zoller's he became the 3rd most requested guide on staff. In the off season, Ryan is a stay at home dad, basketball coach for the mighty Trout Lake / Glenwood Mustangs-Eagles and volunteers on local environmental boards. Ryan has consistently been one of the most requested guides on the river and arguably has the wildest hair.

Snake River Fun Fact #7:
The Snake River flows through Hell’s Canyon and the Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area. The Hells Canyon National Recreation area lies in both Oregon and Idaho and includes portions of the Nez Perce, Payette and Wallowa-Whitman national forests. The total acreage of the Hell’s Canyon National Recreation area is 652,488 and within that area is the Hell’s Canyon Wilderness of 21,500 acres.

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