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Snake River Pre & Post Trip Logistics

Upon booking, you will receive a complete packet from Zoller’s giving exact directions to the following locations and drive times from location to location along with some suggested lodging options for the night prior to your rafting vacation.
Prior to meeting the guide staff at the USFS Hell’s Canyon Creek Recreation Site (Hell’s Canyon Dam) all guests will need to visit Hell’s Canyon Shuttle Service located within Hell’s Canyon Outdoor Supply to drop off their shuttle paperwork, fuel their vehicles, buy fishing licenses and any last second supplies you may decide you need. This can be done the evening prior or the morning of the start of your rafting vacation in Hell’s Canyon.

At 9:30 AM the first day of your Snake River rafting adventure all guests should be checked in with the Zoller’s Outdoor Odysseys staff at the USFS Hell’s Canyon Creek Recreation Site (Hell’s Canyon Dam). At that time your Hell’s Canyon River guides will start loading your personal bags into dry bags to be loaded into the rafts. Zoller’s provides a list of items you will need for your Snake River rafting vacation, but do not hesitate to bring a little something extra if needed.
To make your morning a little simpler, please wear your river clothing to the USFS site so that you are “ready to raft” upon arrival and the meeting of your guides. There are no changing rooms at this facility.
The USFS site at Hell’s Canyon Dam has a nice little info center and is worth an early arrival to enjoy the provided information.
You will leave your vehicle at the USFS site. Your vehicle will be shuttled to the take-out location (we arrange the shuttle service, you just drop off the paperwork and an extra set of keys).
At the conclusion of your Hell’s Canyon rafting vacation, your vehicle will be waiting for you.

A comprehensive information packet with all pertinent details will be sent to you at time of booking.


Lodging Options:

Halfway Oregon Area - 1 hour 15 minutes drive time to Hell’s Canyon meet point with guides.
Pine Valley Lodge: 541-742-2027
Halfway Motel and RV Park: 541-742-5742
Clear Creek Bed & Breakfast: 541-742-2238
White Fir Retreat: 541-742-5040 

Oxbow Oregon Area 50 minute drive time to Hell’s Canyon meet point with guides.

Hillside Bed & Breakfast: 541-785-3389
Hell's Canyon Bed & Breakfast: 888-281-6356
Pine Creek Chalets: (866) 785-3335

Hell's Canyon Adventure Lodge: 800-422-3568 Take care of your car shuttle paperwork and fishing license the night prior when staying here. 40 minutes drive time from Hell’s Canyon meet point with the guides.


Drive time to Halfway Oregon:

Boise Idaho 150 miles 3.5 hours
Portland Oregon 352 miles 6.25 hours
Baker Oregon 60 miles 1.5 hours
Spokane Washington 350 miles 6.5 hours
Seattle Washington 426 miles 7.5 hours
Lewiston Idaho 280 miles 6.25 hours

Travel by air:

Boise Idaho
The Boise Idaho Airport (BOI) is the nearest regional airport to Hell’s Canyon and the Snake River

Snake River Fun Fact #4:
The walls of Hell’s Canyon are composed of Clover Creek greenstone as the foundation with an overlay of Columbia River lava. On the Oregon side of the Snake River the Columbia River lava flows are from two thousand to four thousand feet in exposed thickness lying on top of Clover Creek greenstone. One prominent point, Black Mountain rises to an elevation of 6980 feet is composed entirely of Clover Creek greenstone. On the Idaho side of the Snake River the Seven Devils Mountains rise up and are comprised granitic extrusions.


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