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About Snake River Rafting Vacations in Hell’s Canyon

On each Zoller’s Outdoor Odysseys whitewater vacation you can expect all aspects of your vacation to be of the finest quality.

Great Food on the Snake River

Hell’s Canyon Cuisine

Expect hearty meals prepared with fresh ingredients and ample portions for all. Our culinary goal is to “wow” each guest as we prepare a wide variety of pallet pleasing cuisine. Be it on the BBQ, in the wok, or nestled in a dutch oven, each meal is carefully thought out to make you smile. This year’s menu includes the following: Dutch oven Pineapple Upside Down Cake, BBQ baked Salmon, Caribbean Jerk dutch oven chicken, New York cheesecake, surf & turf, omelet buffet breakfast, morning late’ and mocha’s, ice cold smoothies, and so much more. If you have never experienced it before, you will find that food on a rafting vacation in Hell’s Canyon taste better just because you are in the wilderness.

Rafting Splash on the Snake river


In whitewater terms, the Snake River is simply large volume rafting. Flowing through six states and being fed volume from 40 rivers and thousands of creeks the 73 degree Snake River is the largest tributary to the Mighty Columbia River, the second largest river in the lower 48. As a large river, you can count on roller coaster style rapids perfect for river enthusiast of all levels. Rapids such as Wild Sheep and Granite are known world wide for their length and wave size. Zoller’s expert guides look forward to hearing your shouts of excitement and satisfaction. Looking for a little extra thrill in your ride…? Try out one of our single or tandem inflatable kayaks (duckies) for the ultimate whitewater rush. Duckies accompany every trip for shared use of the group on the Snake River.

Hell's Canyon view


From alum deposits exposed by land slides, to granite boulders the size of a Buick, Hell’s Canyon offers up close and personal viewing of geologic wonders. Evidence of the eruption of Mt. Mazama (now know as Crater Lake) and of a series of canyon wide lakes existing during the post ice age creation of Hell’s Canyon are common. Hell’s Canyon geology is simply breath taking.

Old cabin in Hell's Canyon Oregon

Cultural History

Over the centuries, Hell’s Canyon has become home to many peoples and life styles on the Snake River. Evidence in the canyon shows where they traveled & lived, how they communicated, and why this incredible wilderness was their friend, provider and sometimes enemy. As Hell’s Canyon river guides, we explain and show the lifestyle workings of past inhabitants. You will be able to picture in your minds eye, how you might have fit into another culture of the past in Hell’s Canyon.

Tent Sunset on the Snake river Camping on the Snake river

River Camp

Picture this… Spacious private tents, comfortable thick sleeping pads and bags, solar showers, relaxing camp chairs, crackling camp fires (season permitting) and all the little perks that make a person smile. Zoller’s river camps in Hell’s Canyon give you a comfy experience in a wilderness environment. Combine all of these amenities with some of the most breathtaking scenery on the globe and you won’t want to leave the fun of a Snake River Rafting vacation.

Mountain Sun in Hell's canyon


Outdoor adventure is ideal in Hell’s Canyon. Mid Summer day time temperatures are typically in the high 80s to low 90s while night time temperatures range from the mid 60s to 70s. On occasions we will get a thunder shower, and if so, everyone will be given rain jackets and pants if desired. Sun burn could easily make a guest uncomfortable, so you will hear your guides ask frequently about your application of sun block. With the arid climate of the canyon, the mosquitoes are not an issue. Water temperatures are pleasant on the Snake River giving way to a good deal of swimming during the hot afternoon. Hell’s Canyon may have the best rafting vacation weather of any river in the U.S.

Otter in Hell's Canyon Deer in Hell's Canyon


Wildlife of many varieties thrive in Hell’s Canyon as the environment offers unique protections from man, weather, and each other. It is not uncommon to view Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Mule Deer, Elk and many varieties of small game. The best time to view the wildlife is early in the morning and just before sunset. During the month of May through mid June, Hell’s Canyon has ample green grasses from the Spring rains and the wildlife takes advantage of the fresh grasses and can be commonly seen throughout the day. Bring your binoculars or borrow our camp set. You will not be disappointed.

Trout Fishing in the snake river


Trout – Small Mouth Bass – Channel Cat. At no additional cost, Zoller’s will provide shared fishing poles and tackle for guest’s enjoyment. This equipment can be used in camp or on the river. If one of your goals is to fish heavily, it is best if you bring your own pole as to have its exclusive use. The Snake River is the boundary for Idaho and Oregon, so those fishing will need the proper license according to the state we are standing in. While fishing from the raft a license for either state will suffice. A three day license for either state is fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at a local store just prior to our launch. It is not difficult to catch and release many trout and small mouth bass in Hell’s Canyon. If you would like to commit the majority of your day to fishing the Snake River we can give you private use of a raft and guide allowing you to concentrate on every good fishing hole along the Snake River.

Hell's Canyon Jet Boat

Jet Boat Rides

At the conclusion of our three day Snake River rafting vacations your vehicle will be shuttled to the take-out and be waiting for you. However, if you should want to upgrade your adventure, we can book you passage on a 30ft Jet Boat that will power you back to the starting point of your Hell’s Canyon rafting right back to where you parked your car. This option is an upgrade and will cost an additional fee. If you are interested in the Jet Boat exit let us know and we can book the passage for you and secure a discount for you as well.

Snake River Fun Fact #2:
We start our Hell’s Canyon rafting vacation at the base of Hell’s Canyon Dam. Hell’s Canyon Dam is 330 ft in height, 1,000 feet in length and creates a reservoir on the Snake River 23 miles long. There are two other dams directly up-stream of Hell’s Canyon dam that create an additional 70.5 miles of reservoir of the Snake River. With this large amount of reservoir, the Snake River warms considerably in the 100 miles of river above our launch point. At Hell’s Canyon Dam the Snake River is released from the top of the pool (the warmest water) and gives us rafters a very pleasant soaking the entire length of the rafting vacation.

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